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Umar ibn ‘Al-Farid’ was an Arab poet, his poetry is entirely sufic, and he was esteemed mystic poet of the Arabs.

Our head chef has created a thoughtful menu that delights the taste buds. A firm favourite is the mezze, an array of small succulent dishes. The mezze comprised both cold and hot dishes and offers a wealth of colour flavour, texture and aroma.

An attribute of Moroccan food is the fact that is healthy as well as tasty and filling.

A choice of traditional Moroccan dessert is an offer to complements the meal, expect Baklava a sweet pastry, and Mahlabia, rice pudding with rose water.

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We offer a magnificent deal for a group of 6 or more at a set price per person. We will provide you with a feast fit for a king! Just sit back and enjoy the carnival of flavour that will dazzle your eyes and fill your tummy with a fantastic feeling of contentment....

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