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مطعم الفريد المغربي

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Our name, 'Al Farid', is inspired by the name of a mystic Arabic poet, Umar ibn ‘Al-Farid’, who's poetry is related to entirely Sufic content.

Our head chef has created a thoughtful menu that delights the taste buds. A firm favorite is our meze, an array of small succulent dishes. The meze, comprised of both hot and cold dishes, offers a wealth of colour flavour, texture and aroma.

A choice of traditional Moroccan desserts provide a perfect complement to the meal, such as Baklava - a sweet pastry - and Mahalabia - rice pudding with rose water.

The drinks menu contains traditional Moroccan cocktails and beers, including a sweet Moroccan liqueur and Casablanca, a Moroccan beer.

To finish your meal you cannot miss out on our range of Moroccan coffees and teas, flavoured with natural cardamom, cinnamon, rose water and more.

No Moroccan meal is complete without smoking an authentic hookah pipe. Each day the water pipes are packed with freshly flavoured tobaccos. Choose between a number of fruit flavours, such as Grape, Lemon, Mint and many more.


Meze is a selection of small dishes served as appetizers in parts of the Middle East

Call us on 01392-494444 or email us at to learn more.

A tagine, sometimes spelled “tajine,” is a traditional Moroccancooking vessel made of ceramic or unglazed clay with a round base and low sides. A cone-shaped cover sits on the base during cooking.

"My request is not for bliss of the Garden.

I only desire to see You."

"Was that Layla's flame"
By Umar ibn Al-Farid

Was that Layla's flame that shone through the veils of night on Dhū-Salam?
     Or lightning's flash throughout the vales round Zawra and Al-Alam?
Have you but a sigh of dawn for me, O winds about Na'man?
     Have you but a sip to offer me, O waters of Wajra?
O driver of laden camels rolling up the wayless sands
     like a scroll of mighty writ beside the Sagebrush of Idam
Turn aside at the guarded safeground -God be your shepherd!- and seek the path

Umar ibn al-Farid



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In the corner of Exeter’s iconic Cathedral Green, the exotic tastes of Morocco and the Middle East await you. The authentic cuisine and décor of Al-Farid will transport you on a journey of foodie escapism...


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3 Cathedral Yard



Food Service: 12pm - 10.30pm

Shisha: 12pm -10;30

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